Top 4 Themed Weddings & Music Choices

Hey guys! This is Maria Di Cara a.k.a DJ Madi Di. DJing for almost 10 years has given me some cool insights on possible themes for your wedding or special occasion event. There are SO many themes you can do for your events, these just happen to be my personal favorite! Check it!

1. Dream Garden Neutral -

Aesthetic: Rustic wooden pieces (drift wood style/light stained wood color), midsummer nights dream style greenery, flowers, or wildflowers. Soft yellow christmas style icicle/lights, ice sculptures.

Colors: Pastels, soft greens, and light purples. Personally I love richer yellows for dandelions, cornflower blue colors, touches of morning glory blues/purples, and lots of light and earth.

Music: Vitamin String Quartet; Earth, Wind, & Fire; Stevie Wonder; Daft Punk

Movies to Watch for Inspiration: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I, A Midsummer Night's Dream

2. Games Fun/Mario Kart Theme-

Aestethic: Table named by levels in Mario Kart (i.e Rainbow Road Table, Star Cup Table, Donut Island, Mushroom Cup, Koopa's Castle, Princess Peach's Castle) or each character from the game (i.e. Yoshi, Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Wario, Waluigi).  For centerpieces at each table, I’ve seen people get really creative with this! Fun candy, and colors really bring this theme to life!

Colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red

Music: Uptempo, Fun, Current/Top 40 Bruno Mars etc., Blue Man Group, Aqua, Ace Of Base, Savage Garden

Movies to Watch for Inspiration: The Fifth Element, The Flintstones

3. Gatsby-

Aesthetic: Flapper style dresses (lots of fringe and sequins!), cigars, saddle shoes, canes, fedora hats, pinstripe suits, classic black heels, hair bands with feathers, bob haircuts with bangs, evening trench coats, furs, pearls, diamonds. I have seen people host Poker and Blackjack to give their party that underground/speakeasy vibe. With this theme you’re really trying to capture the essence of the roaring twenties!

Colors: White, Black, Red, Silver, Glitter, Sequins

Music: Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington,  Bessie Smith, Cole Porter, Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald

Movies to Watch for Inspiration: The Great Gatsby, Some Like It Hot

4. Goth Theme -

Aesthetic: Black lace, dark colors, purples, velvets, burgundy, dark red wines, Black Dahlia flowers, rich blood-red roses, snow theme, masks, Goth/Medieval candlesticks, Victorian style furniture, Intricate design themes, corsets, architecture, gargoyles, etc.

Colors: Black, Maroon, Dark Violet, Plum, White, Silver, Lace

Music: Fantasia, Rock of Ages, Beetlejuice, Tim Burton

Movies to Watch for Inspiration: Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Van Helsing, Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas

I hope this gave you some fun ideas, inspirations, and yummy visuals. Remember, it is so important to enjoy the creative process of planning a party! Once you stress out over details and planning, you lose the joy of creating which is huge part of any event. Remember to have fun and be positive throughout your party planning process. From my years of experience I believe this to be the key in having a wonderful successful event. Being able to get the best and most rewarding experience, not just for yourself, but for for your guests as well, is of the most vital importance.

Scratches and Scribbles!

DJ Madi Di

M A R I A  D I  C A R A