(Ideal For Reception Only)

Experienced DJ - $795

VETERAN dj - $995


Essentials Package Includes

  • 4 hours (actual performance time)

  • 1 sound system

  • wireless microphone

  • dance floor lighting

Full Wedding Package

(Ideal for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, & Reception)

Experienced DJ - $995

VETERAN dj - $1,495


Full Wedding Package Includes

  • 8 hours (actual performance time)

  • 3 sound systems

  • wireless microphone

  • dance floor lighting


DJ Joey Farese is one of the top DJs in Southern California, and has DJ’d over 500 weddings! He is mentioned in 100+ reviews and maintains a spotless 5 star review record. He is the C.E.O, office manager, and head DJ for Electric Entertainment DJs.

When he’s not making memories at weddings, Joey can be found mixing at St felix Hollywood, The Nixo Lounge, or the Ion Rooftop Pool in LA Live. He has opened for both Snoop Dogg and Maroon 5, and is featured DJing in MTV’s reality show, Sugar.

Joey leads all of Electric Entertainment DJs’ wedding training courses. His exceptional knowledge of the ins and outs of weddings can only come from a deep immersion into hundreds of weddings. He is in the office 5 days a week and always available to answer your calls, texts, or emails.

Get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for by hiring the best.

veteran DJS

Veteran DJs have proven themselves to be the best of the best. They have DJ’d over 100 weddings, and maintain a spotless 5 star review record. All Veteran DJs have stood the test of time by DJing for Electric Entertainment for a minimum of 4 years.

Veteran DJs have shown an adept knowledge of all things wedding. They are masters of the microphone as well as music selection. These DJs are proficient enough to keep a wedding on track even without a timeline or coordinator. They have proven themselves to be exceptional at reading a crowd and playing fitting music to all audiences for any portion of a wedding.

The title of Veteran DJ is is not easily achieved, and is only held by 2 DJs at Electric Entertainment DJs. Because of limited availability, it is recommended to book well in advance.


Experienced DJs are the newest in up and coming talent at Electric Entertainment DJs. They have completed our "Event DJs Course", and were hand picked for our wedding specialist apprenticeship program. After apprenticing on 20+ weddings, they earn the title of "Experienced DJ".

Our events course is led by Joey Farese and other veteran DJs. This course harnesses the abilities of already skilled DJs, and brings them to their full potential. Moreover, DJs graduate this course with a full understanding of reading crowds for music preference, mixing songs, microphone presence, punctuality, professionalism, and how to party!

DJs who show exceptional abilities during our events course, move on to our wedding specialist apprenticeship program. This program teaches DJs the ins and outs of all wedding activities. From emceeing to timelines, & music selection, this is a hands on experience that immerses DJs in real life experience. This course is led by Joey Farese with the help of veteran DJs. Experienced DJs have proven their abilities to adapt during any live events and have shown a proficient knowledge of all things weddings.