Kids Parties

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Childrens parties require more than just a DJ, they require an entertainer. At Electric Entertainment DJs we do more than just play music for kid's parties, we play games. We play standard party games like the limbo, freeze dance, and musical chairs but we also have a few original games of our own ready to get the party started. We bring a silly "dance" hat to every event. As the DJ will explain "if you're wearing the silly hat, you gotta' dance". The silly hat game is a great way to get shy kids dancing right out of their shell, and it's just one of the many custom games we offer for children's parties. Ask about special rates on bubble machines!

Party Rates

  • Up to 4 hrs. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday: $399.00  (Lights included!)
  • Up to 4 hrs. Monday through Thursday: $349.00  (Lights included!)


  • Lighting Package upgrade (Includes party lights upgrade/ fog machine): $59
  • Bubble Machine: $39.99
  • Fog Machine: $39.99
  • HDTV display/ mount or projector/ screen (perfect for karaoke): $99

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